Yearlist individual

Individual year lists

Addy Nijenboer
  1. John Fullbright, Songs
  2. Grant Peeples, Punishing the Myth
  3. South Austin Moonlighters, Burn & Shine
  4. Matt Harlan, Raven hotel
  5. Otis Gibbs, Souvenirs of a misspent youth
  6. Front Country, Sake of the song
  7. John Mellencamp, Plain Spoken
  8. Robin Ludwick, Little Rain
  9. Hardin Burns, Down the Deep Well
  10. The Howlin’ Brothers, Trouble & Love
Anita Luchies
  1. Mick Flannery, By the Rule
  2. Eden Brent, Jigsaw Heart
  3. Bregje Sanne Lacourt, Keeper of Changing Winds
  4. Anais Mitchel, XOA
  5. Kerri Powers, Kerri Powers,
  6. Frazey Ford, Indian Ocean
  7. John Fullbright, Songs
  8. Seth Walker, Sky Still Blue
  9. Naomi and Her Handsome Devils, Naomi and Her Handsome Devils
  10. Old Crow Medicine Show, Remedy
Bart van de Pol
  1. Irene Kelley, Pennsylvania Coal 
  2. Joey & Rory, Inspired: Songs Of Faith And Family
  3. Leonard Cohen, Popular Problems 
  4. Rhonda Vincent, Only Me
  5. Fayssoux, I Can’t Wait 
  6. Doug Seegers, Going Down To The River 
  7. The Common Linnets, The Common Linnets
  8. The Seldom Scene, Long Time…..  Seldom Scene 
  9. The Roys, Gypsy Runaway Train
  10. Rodney Crowell, Tarpaper Sky
Benny Metten
  1. Eliot Bronson, Eliot Bronson
  2. Joe Purdy, Eagle Rock Fire
  3. The Souvenirs, I Ain’t Happy Yet
  4. Simone Felice, Strangers
  5. Matt Harlan, Raven Hotel
  6. Colleen Rennison, See The Sky About To Rain
  7. Joseph LeMay, Seventeen Acres
  8. The Bloodhounds, Let Loose!
  9. Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer, Maritime
  10. The Lost Brothers, New Songs Of Dawn And Dust
Bernard van Hoegearden
  1. The Whiskey Switch, The Whiskey Switch
  2. Eliot Bronson, Eliot Bronson
  3.  John Fullbright, Songs
  4. John Hiatt, Terms Of My Surrender
  5. Dom Flemons The American Songster, Prospect Hill
  6. Sam Amidon, Lily-o
  7. St. Paul and The Broken Bones, Half The City
  8. Dave & Phil Alvin, Common Ground : Dave & Phil Alvin Play The Songs Of Big Bill Broonzy
  9. Ray Bonneville, Easy Gone
  10. Old Crow Medecine Show, Remedy
Bernie Koetsier
  1. Bring The Mourning On, Northern Ghost
  2. Jacob Thomas jr., Original sins
  3. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, 1974
  4. Kelley Mickwee, You used to live here
  5. Easton Stagger Phillips, Resolution road
  6. Eliot Bronson, Self-titled
  7. Mad About Mountains
  8. Cave States, The great divide
  9. The Wood Brothers, The muse
  10. The Coffis Brs. & The Mountain Men, Wrong side of the road
Bert Pijpers
  1. Lynne Hanson, River Of Sand
  2. Chip Taylor, Little Prayers Trilogy
  3. Oh Sussana, Namedropper
  4. Rory Block, Hard Luck Child
  5. The Howling Brothers, Trouble
  6. John Fullbright, Songs
  7. Carrie Newcomer, A Permeable Life
  8. Otis Gibbs, Souvenirs Of A Misspent Youth
  9. Eric Devries, Close To Home
  10. Thisell, I   
Carl Everaert
  1. Sturgill Simpson, Metamodern Sounds in Country Music 
  2. JP Harris and the Tough Choices, Home is where the Hurt is
  3. Chuck Prophet, Night Surfer,
  4. Reverse Cowgirls, Bucking
  5. Freeborn Brothers, Gypsy Hobo Trash Grass
  6. John Howie JR and the Rosewood Bluff, Everything Except Goodbye
  7. Owen Mayes and the 80 Proof Boys, Hateful Blues
  8. Eliot  Bronson, Eliot Bronson
  9. Shivering Denizens, Sex, Drugs and Outlaw Country
  10. Goddamn Gallows, The Maker                                                                                        
Cis Van Looy
  1. Robert Ellis, The Lights From The Chemical Plant
  2. Rodney Crowell, Tarpaper Sky
  3. Kelly Mickwee , You Used To Live Here
  4. JP Harris, Home Is Where The Hurt Is
  5. Hatcheck Girl, Goodbye To Butterfield
  6. Stray Birds, Best Medecine
  7. James Hand, Stormclouds In Heaven
  8. Elliott Brown, Elliott Brown
  9. The Carmonas, The Carmonas
  10. The Wood Brothers, The Muse
Dani Heyvaert
  1. Eliott Bronson,Eliott Bronson
  2. Sturgill Simpson,Metamodern Sounds in Country Music
  3. Dave & Phil Alvin,Common Ground
  4. Jim Byrnes, St. Louis Times
  5. H.T. Roberts & Bruno Deneckere,Heroes & Has Beens
  6. Bap Kennedy, Let's Start Again
  7. John Hiatt, Terms of my Surrender
  8. The Porter Draw, The Porter Draw
  9. Ray Bonneville, Easy Gone
  10. John Fullbright, Songs
Del Day
  1. The Delines, Colfax
  2. Sun Kil Moon, Benji
  3. Joe Nolan, Tornado
  4. Lynne Hanson, River Of Sand
  5. Redlands Palomino Company,  Broken Carelessly
  6. Good Luck Mountain, Too
  7. Bowery Boy, Blue  Dying Waves
  8. Wild Ponies, Things That Used To Shine
  9. Ags Connolly, How About Now
  10. Chip Taylor,  Little Prayers Trilogy 
Erwin Zijleman
  1. Aldous Harding, Aldous Harding
  2. Blake Mills, Heigh Ho
  3. Eliot Bronson, Eliot Bronson
  4. Frontier Ruckus, Sitcom Afterlife
  5. Gretchen Lohse, Primal Rumble
  6. Kierston White, Don't Write Love Songs
  7. Melanie de Biasio, No Deal
  8. Samantha Crain, Kid Face
  9. Sun Kil Moon, Benji
  10. Suzanne Jarvie, Spiral Road